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Bulgaria has a team of certified trainers of Nailpro

 No matter how prepared a master is, when he gets a competent professional look, it is always better. The trainer is the person who has an individual approach to each who prepares to participate in order to use the strengths and improve the weaknesses of the athlete. The trainer is familiar with all the rules and can help with the proper performance of the judging criteria. The trainer can help the participant to allocate his / her performance time so that he / she finishes successfully during the competition. The trainer can be helpful with valuable advice and good practices. Apart from individual and group training, Nailpro trainers are always ready to cooperate with advice.

Лина Валериева

Lina Valerieva has been as professional in a Nail industry since 1999

- She is a judge at the prestigious Nailpro International Competition.

- Gold instructor in technical and art categories to train participants in Nailpro.

- Director and organizer of Nailpro Bulgaria.

- Winner of numerous titles and awards from competitions.

- Long-term licensed teacher with 15 years of teaching practice and a number of students

- Owner ana lecturer at Lina Valerieva Nail Academy

- Distributor of the brand NL n.o.b.e.l.

- Certified instructor of TM NL n.o.b.e.l. - Expert educator.

- Certified instructor of TM Nika Nagel

- Certified instructor of TM Termish 

- Certified Pipe Form Teacher, by patented form author Victoria Klopotova.

- International Master of Alexander Finko's School.

- Author of many courses and trainings.

- Lecturer at numerous seminars in the field of manicure.

- She has successfully completed countless trainings that build on her knowledge and skills.

- Manages and works at Nail Home Manicure Studio.

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Iren Kostova 

Gold Instructor NailArt nominations, Silver Instructor technical nominations to Nailpro. She has been practicing manicure professionally since 2016. For the first time he participated live in an international championship in 2018. and won first place. There will also be live performances and prizes. In 2020 returns from Ukraine with the title Top Master Nailpro Ukraine 2020. In 2021 after Online participation he won the title Top Master Nailpro Bulgaria 2021. Participates in and wins prizes in technical and NailArt nominations and in other editions of the Nailpro International Championship. For 1 year in the coaching team at Nailpro, already part of the preparation of a number of winners and participants in art nominations. 

Conducts technical and Nailart upgrade trainings. 

Owner of a renowned salon in Plovdiv, training center and showroom. 

Inspirational places where future and current colleagues can gain a huge amount of knowledge!

Completed art education definitely gives confidence in her knowledge and abilities as a teacher who has high requirements for its students and athletes.

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Tanya Ivanova 

In 2003 I started my career by profession  manicurist.

From 2017 to 2019 partner and representative  of the first franchise school in Bulgaria - VK Viktoriia Klopotova professional nail school, whose creator is the world famous Victoria Klopotova.

From 2019 founder and lecturer at Tanya Ivanova Nail Institute

I have passed a number of trainings with famous teachers in order to acquire the following qualifications:

- The first winner in Bulgaria of the title NAIL MASTER, issued by the school of Alexander Finko.

- The only holder in Bulgaria of the title INTERNATIONAL NAIL GURU,  issued by the school of the legendary Tom Holcomb - Trinity beauty 1212, with principal Erin Eng.

- Licensed lecturer at CPC "Relax" - Sliven.

- Certified instructor of the brand Nika nagel

- Certified instructor at TM NL nobel, with the qualification degree Expert educator.

- Certified instructor of IBX nail rehabilitation therapy

- Certified teacher of "PIPE" form, whose creator is Victoria Klopotova

- Certified and active judge of the world competition Nailpro competition.

- Certified and active coach of the world competition Nailpro cimpetition

- The first Bulgarian coach in the "Poster" category, whose students have won first places in a number of international competitions. Some of which have even been used to advertise international competitions. 

- He proved to be a teacher with a rich file of successful students.

- Participant and winner in a number of international championships.

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Valeria Mikhailova


- Manager of the studio Florza and Art House Vanilla Gothic, Pazardzhik

-Lecturer at Intercosmetics since 2011

-Golden instructor  and judge to Nailpro

-Winner of many first prizes in art categories-

art painting, mix media, 3d acrylic design, etc.


Although I prepare participants for competitions, I do not stop competing.

For me, participating is not only proving to yourself and others that you can, but also seeing your level of development.

Personally, I use competitions for inspiration. They motivate me, stimulate me to create and create new things.

This is the challenge that makes me feel "alive" and strive for perfection.

It doesn't matter if you ranked first or not  fifth, it is important that you put your soul into what you do.

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I am Rositsa Todorova and I have been a professional manicurist for 14 years. I am part of the teaching staff of Nika Nagel Bulgaria, Nl.nobel Bulgaria and IBX Academy Bulgaria. I am an instructor in the "Technical Category" and a gold instructor in the "Art Category" at Nail Pro Bulgaria. I live and work in the town of Sapareva Banya. 

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Силвия Шаовчева.jpg

Silvia Shaovcheva

- Golden Instructor in Art and Instructor in Technical Categories of Nailpro

- The beginning of her career is in 2013

- She has upgraded several times in different techniques.

- She attended countless trainings in order to improve the quality of work.

- After training in airbrushing in 2016, he became involved in this technique, and soon achieved his next goal - to become an instructor. From then until today, he creates something new and beautiful every day with the technique of airbrushing. 

- She has participated in many competitions, mainly with airbrushing, but not only.

- And almost all of her prizes have 1st place, but there are two second and one third place.

- Instructor of the Termish brand for 6 years

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