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Requires 2 competitors and 1 model 


NON-Divisional! Each entry may be composed of two veterans, two novices or one veteran and one novice. Novice competitors, take a chance and test your skills with this competition. Veterans take a novice under your wing and show them the way.


1. Two (2) Competitors will have 1.30 hours to complete a full set of nails.  Competitor A will complete one hand with competition-style Tip and Overlay enhancements. Competitor B will complete the opposite hand with  Sculptured Nail Enhancements using flat or metal forms only. 

Competition-style — The ultimate standard of perfection for all nail enhancements; a set of nail enhancements that have:

•A sleeker, more dramatic look

•A shape that ranges from extreme square to extreme oval (stiletto)

•A visually 1 to 1 ratio of nail bed (pink) to free edge (white), measured from the center of the smile line

•Product thinly applied near the cuticle area, reinforced at the stress area, and tapered to the free edge so it is equal to approximately the thinness of a business card (.01-.03 inches)

•Consistent “C” curves between 40% and 50% (144° and 180° arc)

2. Competitors can use either gel or acrylic in one technology. Both hands must be the same medium. Competitors using gel for sculpting must use it for the tip and overlay, and competitors using acrylic for sculpting must use acrylic for tip and overlay.

3. Only sheer pink, clear and white enhancement products may be used. Enhancement products containing glitter and/or any other color are NOT allowed. Cover powder is NOT allowed.

4. No colored products of any type may be applied to tips prior to attaching them to the natural nail.

5. Only unaltered clear adhesives (gel-type, brush-on, tubes, etc) may be used to attach tips to the nail.  No plastic type molds of any kind may be used to form the sculptured nail.

6. All enhancement products must be applied to tips after the tips are adhered to the natural nail

7. Embellishments may NOT be used

8. The model’s natural nails may be prepared for product application before the competition, but product may NOT be applied until the competition starts.

9. No products, such as inverted tips or any “cookie cutter” products may be used to form or assist in making a smile line. All smile lines must be done with a brush by hand.  Paint on white is NOT allowed

10. 10. All files and buffers must be clean and unused;  electric files and buffing products may NOT be used.

11. Only water may be used to remove dust. Cleansing products (soaps, etc.) and moisturizing products (oils, creams, lotions, etc.) are NOT allowed. Bowls containing marbles or other items are NOT allowed.

12. Sculpted moons must be included at the base of all nails.

13. All nail enhancements must be French-Style (pink/clear and or white), finished to a high shine and completely free of any other products.

14. The underside of both hands must look the same.

15.  Perfect Match will be judged in the following categories: smile lines, “C”curves, cuticle area, shape, product control, perfect match, surface structure, lateral structure, length, moons, finish work, and overall impression.

Judging criteria

Judge 1


Smile Lines – 10 Points


  • The smile lines are crisp (definition between pink and white)

  • The smile lines are symmetrical and consistent (even points and equal curvature)


“C” curves – 10 Points


  • The curvature of the nail enhancements is symmetrical and consistent

  • The depth of curvature is a range between 40% and 50%

  • The percent of curvature enhances the model’s nails

  • If nail enhancements are oval in shape, consideration will be given for the apparent lack of curvature at the distal edge


Cuticle Area – 5 Points


  • The product is flush to the natural nails and close to the cuticles

  • The model’s skin at the cuticle area is in excellent condition (free from abrasions)


Shape – 10 Points


  • The shape is symmetrical and consistent individually

  • The shape is symmetrical and consistent together as a set


Judge 2


Product Control – 5 Points


  • The product is completely free of air bubbles and pits

  • The color of the product is consistent

  • The skin is free from all products


Perfect Match – 10 Points


  • Both hands are perfectly matched in color

  • Both hands are perfectly matched in style

  • Both hands are perfectly matched so the mediums used look identical


Surface Structure – 10 Points


  • The top surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured

  • The bottom surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured

  • The arch of the nail enhancements is consistently placed


Lateral Structure – 10 Points


  • The nail enhancements align perfectly with the sides of the natural nails

  • If nail enhancements are oval in shape, the point at which the oval begins is consistent


Judge 3


Length – 10 Points


  • The length, measured from cuticle to the end of the extension, is consistent between matching nails (pinkie to pinkie, etc.) and in proportion to each other

  • The length is suitable for competition-style nail enhancements; a suggested range of a 1 to 1 ratio of nail bed to free edge is ideal, provided the length looks balanced on model’s hands


Moons – 5 Points


  • The moons are sculpted and have been properly placed

  • The moons have not been filed off

  • The moons enhance the nail extension


Finish Work – 5 Points


  • The surface of the nail enhancements are smooth and very shiny (absent of scratches)

  • The edges of the nails are smooth and finished

  • The nails are thoroughly clean (absent of dust)


Overall Impression – 10 Points


  • The nails complement the model’s hands

  • The thinness is suitable for competition-style nail enhancements (the thinness of a business card, approximately .01 to .03 inches, is ideal)

  • Both hands look exactly the same

  • All competition rules were followed

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