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Instructions for the online Nailpro competition:

1. The competitors must download and install the ZOOM application on his phone or other device
at least two days before the first day of the competition (free). The day before the competition, the
organizer will hold a test conference for ALL competitors, regardless of whether the participants
competes on the first or second day of the competition. Competitors will have access to the
conference by e-mail specified during registration. In order to be admitted to this meeting, as well as
the next ones for the Zoom registration competition, you must use the name with which you
registered to participate in the competition.


2. As in offline competition, each participant will receive their own unique number with the
abbreviation for nomination. Numbers will be sent to the email provided during registration. The
numbers obtained must be written on the back of the model's palm before the start of the
nomination (on an adhesive label). Before and at the end of the nomination, the technical judges
and the organizer will check the numbers.


3. In order to participate in the online competition, the competitors must provide good internet
speed to ensure a continuous connection during his participation. Participation in the competition
takes place from your workplace with a camera aimed at the participant and the model. During the
competition, the competitors must register 30 minutes before each nomination in which they
participate by following the link to access the competition sent to them at the specified e-mail
address. In these 30 minutes the technical judges will check the numbers of the competitors, the

hands of the models and the eligible materials for work in the specific nomination. 5 minutes before
the start of the nomination, the technical judges will hold a briefing to recall the rules for
participation in the nomination. During the briefing, competitors are not allowed to touch the hands
of their model. The technical judges announce the remaining time until the end of the nomination.
When announcing END, all competitors must immediately stop working and raise their hands. At the
end of the nomination, the technical judges check each model to see if the work has been completed

and only then are the model and the competitors are free to leave the meeting.

4. The break between nominations is one hour. During this time, the competitors must take photos
of their work and upload the photos to Google Drive in a personal folder with their last name, with
which they registered. Access to the folder will be open two days before the championship and will
be sent to the email specified during registration. Attention! Each participant has their own main
folder with their number. The participant personally uploads the photos in their folders with the
individual nominations, the name of the separate folders is the abbreviation of the nomination.
Please check the contents of the folder!


5. The same rules apply to the online competition as to the stationary one - for example, products
and tools that are not used in this category cannot be on the table. If a participant has forgotten to
prepare any of the materials, they must ask permission from a technical judge, who constantly
monitors the participants. Models are strictly forbidden to get up and leave the place in front of the


If you have any questions, please send an email to
whatsapp +359897886840

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