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NAILPRO nail competitions are open to all beauty professionals licensed or qualified to perform nail
services. Current students and beauty professionals from states or countries in which licensing are
not required are also eligible to compete. Proof of licensure or qualification (such as school
enrollment certificate or letter confirming salon employment) may be required. Participants in the
NAILPRO can compete without any travel expenses!
For rule clarification, please contact us via e-mail at



1. All work for each entry must be completed by the competitor registered for that competition. If
NAILPRO finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any
NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for the period of one year.


2. Competitors may turn in more than one entry. It is up to the competitor to get the entry to the
competition and arrange for the entry to be returned to the competitor. NAILPRO will only be
responsible for any turn-in entries during the competition. We will not be accepting entries prior to
arriving on-site and will not be responsible for returning entries to the competitor.


unless otherwise noted. If NAILPRO finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be
prohibited from competing in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for the period of one year.


4. Any competitor or model found not complying with the NAILPRO rules before, during, or until the
close of the show is subject to possible disqualification and/or point deduction. In the event
disqualification occurs after awards and/or prizes, cash or otherwise, have been distributed, the
disqualified contestant must return their trophy as well as all prizes to NAILPRO staff. He or she will
also be prohibited to participate in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for one year.


5. Competitors must report at the scheduled report time to receive entry information. Late arrivals
or entries may not be accepted. Nail art entries may be turned in by someone other than the


6. Competitors must supply ALL necessary products and supplies, including lamps and extension
cords for each competition they enter, (unless otherwise noted).


7. The rules will be reviewed in mandatory briefing scheduled 5 or 15 minutes before the start of
each competition unless otherwise noted.


8. Once the questions only or briefing starts, competitors will not be allowed to touch their models
until the start of the competition. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


9. Any prohibited products or supplies found at a competitor’s workstation/or under your towels,
mats, or whatever you are working on during a competition will be confiscated, and the competitor
may be disqualified at the discretion of the NAILPRO competition staff.


10. Competitors must have all products they are going to use out in their work area, and all cases
must be closed.


11. Bowls containing marbles, stones, or any objects are not allowed on or in the working area at any


12. Once the competition begins, competitors and/or models may NOT leave the competition area
without the permission of the competition staff. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


13. When directed, competitors must promptly clean their workstations and leave the competition


14. When a competition ends, models must stand and follow the instructions given by the
competition staff. Models may NOT leave the competition area until excused by the competition


15. Nailpro judges and staff reserve the right to check tables for products that are not allowed
during the current or future competitions. AND THEY WILL!


16. If at any time a competitor has an issue with the results or decisions of judges it is mandatory
that it be discussed in a respectful manner.


17. If there is a problem with a rule infraction it must be reported at once. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE


18. If the competitor insists on acting disrespectful, it will be at the discretion of the judge to not
allow that competitor to compete in any or all upcoming Nailpro competitions.


19. The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules.

20. Copyrighted Art – NO Copyrighted art is allowed at any time. Any and all designs bearing even a
similar likeness will is not allowed. Penalties will be given at judges’ discretion and possible
disqualification may be incurred.


21. Upon registration, competitors and their models give consent to Nailpro Europe and all its
properties to freely use in any form or manner they see fit for Nailpro Europe magazines, websites,
and projects. In addition, to reproduce all photographs, videos, or such taken at the show, including
those taken by photographers, or others hired for the show by Nailpro Europe. Not limited to
anyone working in conjunction with Nailpro Competitions. All photos, images, and videos, or film
shots are property of Nailpro Europe and may not be used without written permission. Your
registration is considered a signed release.


22. Themes are guideline rules. If the themes are not followed disqualification or point, deductions
are possible. The decision will be that of the Nailpro Competition staff and will be announced during
the awards ceremony. Please note when a color or shades of color are given as a theme, it means no
other color may be used unless otherwise noted.


23 . Competitors may not post any of their competition work to any social media platform
whatsoever before the awards ceremony! Any competitor found violating this rule will possibly be
given a warning or more likely disqualified from that competition in which they posted their work.


24 . All competitors must be responsible for receiving your winning trophies. Nailpro Competitions
will not be responsible for shipping trophies to winners.


25 . Prizes: All monies are listed unless otherwise noted.

26 . All winners will receive a trophy/or medallion. The veteran will receive cash awards as follows:
1st 50€, 2nd 30€ and 3 rd 20€


27 . NON-DIVISIONAL competitions combine all categories. Prizes awarded for these competitions
will be gifts from the sponsors of the competition. Tip 
& overlay relay members will each receive a
medallion except where noted.


28 . New competitions may have different prize structures. Winners will receive medallions or
trophies. Please see individual rules for detailed information. Entry fees vary depending on the
competition. Please see individual rules for information.

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