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1 . NAILPRO competitions utilize analytic scoring to judge the entries. Three judges preview the novice entries and veteran entries as two separate groups. Through the process of elimination, the judges select no more than ten finalists at each level to be scored. All other entries are excused prior to scoring by the judges. Non-divisional competitions use the same preview and judging system.

2 . The finalists at each level are viewed simultaneously during the scoring process. Finalists are evaluated in ten categories; each category is worth a possible ten points, ranging from 1 (Unacceptable) to 10 (Flawless) except where otherwise noted. Each of the three judges is responsible for three to four categories. The categories for each competition are listed in the rules specific to that competition. Only finalists receive score sheets.

3 . The competition staff calculates the final scores, and the judges verify the placements before excusing the finalists. Any ties will be broken by the Head Judge. The decision of the judges is final.

10-point rating scale:

10 = Flawless

9 = Practically flawless

8 = Very good

7 = Good

6 = Slightly better than average

5 = Average

4 = Lower than average

3 = Bad

2 = Very bad

1 = Not valid


5 point rating scale:

5 = Flawless

4 = Very good

3 = Average

2 = Lower than average

1 = Very bad


Owned by Nailpro © 2019 Creative Age Publications.  All rules, including the judging criteria, will NOT be allowed to be used UNLESS WRITTEN APPROVAL IS GIVEN ONLY BY THE DIRECTOR OF THE COMPETITION NAILPRO!  All rules of the Nailpro contest are written and all rights are reserved.

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