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16 - 17.06.2024 - live Nailpro Bulgaria

See the program of the Nailpro Bulgaria 2024 competition HERE

and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of participationHERE

Nailpro Europe provides you with forms that you must download, fill in and email:, with the submission of the participation registration form. DownloadHERE


Competitors are required to declare their qualification during registration if the competition is not divided:

Your qualification is:

  • new entrant

  • debut

  • veteran

  • not divisional



New entrant- a participant who has not participated in any competitions up to this point.

Debut- a participant who has NOT won 1st place in any divisional competition in the artistic or technical category.

Veteran- a participant who has won 1st place in a category of divisional competitions in the artistic or technical category.

Non-Divisional Competition, which includes both groups of participants: beginners and veterans. Taking first place does not allow a participant to move from the Novice to the Veteran group.


For any questions, please contact us by phone:0897886840



Veteran - 65 euros

Debut - 60 euros

Non-divisional nomination – 55 euros

New entrant - 50 euros

Save more book more nominations at an optimal price!

4 categories – 5%

6 categories – 10%

8 categories – 15%

10 categories – 20%

12 categories –25%


Registration will close on June 5th!

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