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1. Foil Embossed Elegance Nail Art entry must consist of a set of 5 individual manufacturer tips. The length must be no longer than 2” (5,08 cm) in length and no wider than 3/4” (1,9 cm) if they were flattened out. Tips must graduated in size. The shape of the tips can be any (square. Oval, ets.), but the same on all nails. Tips must be individual and separate to one each other. The design may encompass all 5 tips as a picture, but tips must remain individual.

2. Entries must be presented on a flat surface, one color, no texture, no mirror. The five tips must be fastened on this surface. The size of the mounting surface have to be a maximum of 6 inches (15,24 cm) wide by 8 inches (20,32 cm) deep by ¼ (0,635 cm) tall

3. The original color of the tips does not matter. Each tip may have a different color, the coating should be solid, you can polish or paint with ONE color over your nail enhancement. 

4. Foil Embossed Nail Art must cover a minimum of ½ of the nail enhancement/extension. Design may be included on the nail bed. No embellishments are allowed, (unless otherwise noted).

5. Foil Embossed Nail Art must be raised and covered in foil

6. Embellishments or adornments (when allowed) must NOT exceed 10% of the overall design.

7. Top coat, UV gel sealant or glitter polish may be used.

8. Competitors may use a similar version of copyrighted art, design or logo but they must not be identical to the original.   If artwork does not follow criteria judges will determine point deductions.

9. Foil Embossed Elegance Nail Art will be judged in the following categories: originality, visual interest, color, Length, balance, design & detail, dimension, overall impression, complexity, workmanship, shape and theme.

10. Any Foil Embossed Elegance Nail Artdesign that wins, or has already won, first place at a NAILPRO competition cannot be reused by the winner or copied by other competitors in subsequent NAILPRO competitions. The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to disqualify any design it considers too similar to a winning design. Any discussion with the NAILPRO competition staff about designs will be held in strict confidence.

Judging criteria

Judge 1


Originality – 5 Points


  • The design is innovative (new and original)

  • The design is unique (different from other designs we have seen in the past and               from other entries)

  • The design is within the guidelines of the copyright rules


Visual Interest – 10 Points


  • The design captures your attention

  • The design holds your attention

  • The design continues to draw your attention to new details


Color – 10 Points


  • The colors enhance the design

  • The colors complement each other


Length – 5 Points


  • The length, measured from cuticle to the end of the extension, is consistent between matching nails (pinkie to pinkie, etc.) and in proportion to each other

  • The length is suitable for competition-style nail enhancements; a suggested range of a 1 to 1 ratio of nail bed to free edge is ideal, provided the length looks balanced on model’s hands


Judge 2


Balance – 5 Points


  • Various elements of the design are well-balanced, neither too sparse nor too busy

  • The sum of the design is in harmony with the parts of the whole design


Design and Detail – 10 Points


  • The design enhances the theme

  • The design is well thought out

  • The detail of design is clean and precise

  • The design has adequate detail


Dimension – 10 Points


  • The artwork is obvious and within the guidelines of Foil Embossed Elegance rules

  • The dimension enhances the theme and is balanced

  • The design is raised adequately to accentuate the artwork


Overall Impression – 10 Points


  • This entry makes an excellent overall impression

  • This entry is complete and needs no improvement


Judge 3


Complexity – 10 Points


  • The design is challenging, demanding skill and effort

  • The design involves multiple techniques


Workmanship – 10 Points


  • The overall quality of the work demonstrates outstanding artistic skills

  • The workmanship is neat, clean and precise


Shape – 5 Points


  • The shape is symmetrical and consistent individually

  • The shape is symmetrical and consistent together as a whole


Theme – 5 Points


  • The theme is obvious and completely developed

  • The theme is continued on all 10 nails

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